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Infacol (Simeticone) Colic Relief Drops 85ml

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Packing Size: 85ml (Value Pack)

Origin: UK

Product details

Infacol Colic Relief Drops, Britains No 1 colic remedy*, relieves and calms wind, infant colic and griping pain. Can be used from 0+ birth onwards.


    • Proven to provide effective relief for baby for over 30 years.
    • 9/10 babies symptoms settled when treated for suspected colic with Infacol**
    • Suitable to use from birth onwards
    • Helps to release wind
    • Free from sugar, alcohol and colourant
    • Orange flavour
    • Convenient to use dropper for easy application

According to the Infant Colic Real World Evidence (iCore) Study; 1,892, parents’ experience of using Infacol to treat suspected colic found:

    • 97% of babies cried less
    • 8/10 babies slept better
    • 8/10 babies passed more wind
    • Less pain in 9/10 babies
    • Same day results in 7/10 babies
    • -ymptoms settled in 9/10 babies

Infacol colic relief drops work by helping the small trapped gas bubbles join into bigger bubbles, which your baby can easily bring up as wind – helping to relieve their pain and discomfort. Given before each feed, it's clinically proven formula works progressively over several days. Continued usage may help to prevent a further build up of wind.

*Based on Market Share data from 52 w/e 8 Aug, 20
**According to the Infant Colic Real World Evidence (iCore) Study; 1,892, parents’ experience of using Infacol to treat suspected colic.


Suitable for

From Birth

How to use

How to use Infacol:
The normal dose is one dropper full (0.5ml) given before each feed.
1. Shake bottle
2. Draw up one dropper full by squeezing the rubber bulb twice. Wipe any excess into the bottle
3. To administer squeeze the bulb and release Infacol onto the back of the baby's tongue

Infacol has a progressive effect, which means that it should be given to baby for several days to achieve the best results. If baby’s colic hasn’t improved after three to four days you can increase the dosage to two droppers full (1ml).

Please read enclosed instructions for use before use. If symptoms do not improve, seek medical advice.

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Infacol (Simeticone) Colic Relief Drops 85ml

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